In-house Organizational Agility Exploration

  • You may have heard about Scrum in the Harvard Business Review.  You may have heard about agility in Forbes.  What are they really?  Just another business fad?  What can they do for me and my organization?

  • This three day workshop will answer the following questions:

    • What is agility and, specifically, Scrum?

    • Why would your organization benefit from agility and Scrum?

    • What are the likely implications, to your organization, of traveling down that path?

    • What might it feel like as a team to embrace agility?

    • Are you ready, as an organization, to travel down that path? (See Agility Readiness Exploration workshop below)

    • What would we need to do to start down this path?

    • How might an organizational transformation unfold in terms of training and coaching?

  • Who will benefit from this workshop?

    • Product development team members

    • Organizational leaders and functional managers

In-house Organizational Agility Readiness Exploration

  • You already understand why you should embark on a path towards  a more agile organization.  Now you need to understand whether your organization is ready to take on the cultural and mechanical shifts required to truly travel down that path.

  • This two day workshop will answer the questions:

    • What do you think are the biggest obstacles to change within our organization?

    • What is the current state of your Portfolio/Product management practices as well as your product development practices and how do they support or detract from an agile approach?

    • How does your current organizational structure and culture support or detract from an agile approach?

    • What would it take to ensure your leadership continues to support us in this transformation?

  • Who will benefit from this workshop?

    • Product development team members

    • Organizational leaders and functional managers

In-house Certification for Scrum Alliance CSM or CSP via coaching

  • As a Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach I recommend candidates for the Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Product Owner exams based on providing 25 hours of personal/team coaching to the candidate(s).

  • This is an alternative to taking a 2-day (16 hr) course from a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainer.  In either path, the candidate needs to write and pass the CSM/CSPO exam before receiving the certification.

  • For some organizations, teams, or individuals, achieving this certification via coaching will be more appealing and effective than a public CSM training course because:

    • Candidates can practice the concepts and skills acquired in the context of their day-to-day work with a coach as their guide.

    • The training can be less intense and spread over a number of weeks with contextual meaning built along the way.

    • In-depth discussions are now possible with your colleagues and a coach as a guide.

    • We can draw on experience from applying Scrum to software, construction, and manufacturing domains.

  • This path to Certification usually takes anywhere from two to four weeks depending on the focus of the participants and the resulting intensity of the coaching.

In-house Collaboration/Communication Conventions

  • Regardless of your organization’s approach to product development and operation in general, a key facet to improving effectiveness is establishing agreements around how we communicate and collaborate.

  • This half-day workshop will answer the following questions:

    • What are communication conventions and why are they valuable?

    • What problems occur as a result of NOT using common conventions?

    • What medium of communication is appropriate for given situations/outcomes?

    • What communication conventions could we use in:

      • Email communication

      • Organizing meetings

      • Attending meetings

    • How can we establish working agreements in these areas?

  • Who will benefit from this workshop?

    • All organizational members

    • Product development team members

    • Organizational leaders and functional managers

In-person, Focused Coaching/Consulting

  • Using a myriad of professional coaching techniques, I can help your organization and teams uncover new ways of connecting with their work and each other, improve their effectiveness and reach their goals, .  

  • Working alongside leaders, to develop strategies for business growth, organizational agility, and portfolio management.

  • Working side-by-side with managers and teams to help you discover how to execute on strategies for growth, organizational agility, and skill development at all levels of the organization.

  • Requires a commitment to a minimum of 3 days

Online Coaching/Consulting

  • Using common video conferencing tools (Skype, Zoom, Facetime) I can engage with my clients across the world and in different timezones without the need for travel expenses.

  • This form of coaching is most effective as a follow on to in-person coaching where we have already established a rapport with one another.

  • Requires a commitment to a minimum of 4 x 1-hour sessions

Coming Soon: Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) training.  Please click the 'Leadership' button if you are interested in CAL training in western Canada.